.NET AdminLTE Starter Kit

.NET AdminLTE Starter Kit: A clean .NET 6 hight performance project template with User Management , Authentication using Identity and Entity Framework with beautiful AdminLTE Dashboard UI. This starter kit will save 100+ hours of development time.



  • AdminLTE Dashboard UI: Clean and well documented AdminLTE Dashboard UI with all the plugins
  • Authentication:Login page (using Identity Framework)
  • User Management: Create, View, Edit and Delete users
  • Role Management: CRUD
  • Change Password: Admin change password option
  • Dynamic Sidebar: Side bar navigation items can be dynamically generated using sidebar.json no need of adding menu in the HTML code
  • Dynamic UI Content: Dynamic and modular create action button, page UI block and so on.
  • Server Side Toast Notification: You can trigger toast notification from the server side supports error, info, warning and success
  • Data Table: Datatable plugin with all types of exports (pdf, csv, excel, copy, pdf, print)
  • API Project: .NET 6 Web API with Swagger documentation
  • JWT Authentication: JWT token authentication
  • MVC Architecture & Repository Pattern


Demo Account Info:

  • User Name: adminuser
  • Password: Admin@123

Package Contents:

  • .NET 6 Framework MVC Full Project
  • Installation documentation

Third Party Plugins:

  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
  • Jquery
  • Select 2
  • DataTables (with all exports options)
  • daterangepicker
  • datepicker
  • NToasty

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